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Gudang Daya  reflects the enormous potential that resides in every single one of us. It is an amazing reality that every ticking second in a single life contains sparks of potential. It could be sparks of idea, data, information, concepts, knowledge, but it could also be sparks of longing, relationships, or sheer will. However, in this ever-increasingly complex world, often to realize a long-lasting impact these kernels of potentials need to be saved, stored, connected, shared, adapted, reorganized, fermented, and recasted.


Our purpose is to gather all flavors of these potentialities in such a way, so that as time goes and with a focused effort, at the right moment each of them will be transformed to become a force effecting positive change.


Participation and Collaboration

We invite you to participate in various ways, including writing submissions or discussions about various topics, as long as they are aligned with the purpose of Gudang Daya. Let’s knit our common wisdom together.


With warm regards,




Jeson Martajaya and Johan Sulaiman

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